Services and Capabilities

The path to success for IT leaders can be hard to define as each service and solution offering promises to propel your organization to the next level. Before you invest your time, effort and patience in the latest "cookie-cutter" consulting firm or solution, let Swingtech's experts help you identify and solve your true needs from the ground up. We'll work closely with you to gain a firm understanding of your IT Program and mission/business requirements, create a truly objective strategic game-plan, and architect solutions that makes sense for your challenges.

We have been relied on by C-Level IT Leaders for well over a decade to advise, consult and formulate cost-effective enterprise initiatives and service improvements utilizing these exact processes. We are a go-to resource for our customers when they are challenged by transformation initiatives. We have proven to them, time and time again, that no matter what IT Program Management, Transformation and/or Infrastructure Initiatives we undertake, we will deliver rapid and measurable results, quantifiable benefits and substantial cost savings. Our major solutions and capabilities include the following areas:

We are in a challenging and transforming environment, one in which the dynamic nature of information has become far more strategic than ever before. The expectation of what IT can do to benefit adult learning, higher-education and K-12 learning continues to grow on a daily basis. Extending well over a decade, Swingtech has been at the forefront of solutions and services designed to meet the challenges of today's education environment. If you are seeking engaging digital learning environment, we are the team to help you!.

Our experts include C-Level Education Technology leaders, Learning Management System architects, Instructional Designers, Systems Engineers and many more. Our expert team will work hand-in-hand with you to formulate technology plans, evaluate your existing program offerings and provide cutting-edge solutions that will help you make a real difference in your learning initiatives. Whatever your unique needs and goals, we can and will provide the level of support you would normally only hope for and get you to where you want to be.

Our reputation has been built on comprehensive experience with the Department of Defense International School System, innumerous Learning Management System initiatives, courseware development and delivery projects and our overarching capability to provide end-to-end solutions for organizations and missions across the education sector. Rather than being a source of angst, we will be your resource for demonstrating how IT can allow you to enhance your ability to serve your students, faculty and staff AND take advantage of new emerging opportunities. Swingtech is the smart choice amidst tight budgets for comprehensive and proven IT solutions and services that reduce costs and open doors to new educational opportunities across your organization.
The business of government is being digitally disrupted by on-demand cloud capabilities, mobile application development and continual innovation. Mission and business requirements are being driven harder than ever by demands for faster, smarter and cheaper solutions. Federal guidelines are additionally recommending that organizations adopt modular design and agile development practices while maintaining reliable and secure operations. Having developed hundreds of mission oriented, web-based applications for a very diverse client base over the last 15 years, we are in a unique position to provide you with unbiased technology recommendations based on your unique mission objectives. Swingtech's Web Application Development Services provide our customers with full system lifecycle development capabilities.

We are platform independent and we therefore adapt our software development processes, methodologies and technologies to fit your organization and mission needs. Our invaluable experience has provided us with a firm understanding of what it takes to ensure delivery of a successful project to/for your organization. Our team will engage in open and frequent communication with our customers, which facilitates true collaboration on each project. Our team takes a consultative approach to understanding your business objectives, thereby aligning you with the best technology, user experience, and design strategy. We additionally recognize the importance of delivering an optimized user experience across ALL devices, particularly with the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace. We will work feverishly to understand how your audience accesses and engages with web based resources as we have the expertise to implement responsive designs and/or mobile application development efforts depending on what best fits your mission needs.

We utilize a combination of PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and a range of other frameworks and software to meet and exceed your most complex mission requirements. We will earn your trust by providing the expertise necessary to develop ultra-high-performing, secure software that meets your timeline, budget and needs!
Federal Cyber Security is a continual process, not a destination. Our team of highly experienced and skilled former (Federal) Chief Information Security Officers and Information Assurance (IA) Professionals will work with you as a trusted partner to continually deliver comprehensive, innovative, and customized solutions for today's complex Information Assurance challenges. We utilize a holistic approach to Information Assurance but we also approach challenges in an entire new and innovative manner. We clearly understand the Federal budgetary climate and the effect on our engineers when they encounter problems where the existing cyber solution(s) are too expensive OR don't exist at all. We balance commercial solutions and approaches with unorthodox, yet proven, open source technologies and our amassed knowledge base and continuous training programs for IA personnel. Our expertise and services span the following areas/disciplines:
  1. Customized IA Tools and Techniques
  2. Strategic (CISO-Level) Security Planning
  3. Security Research and Program Benchmarking
  4. Vulnerability Assessments
  5. Risk Assessments
  6. Business Continuity Planning and Exercises
  7. Disaster Recovery Planning and COOP
  8. Regulatory Compliance Gap Analysis and Policy Development
  9. Security Awareness, Education and Training Programs
  10. Cyber Defense - Monitoring, Protecting, Responding, Mitigating and Remediating
  11. Security Auditing (Red Teaming, Penetration Testing)
  12. Application Security Testing (13) 24x7 Incident Response and Recovery (14) HIPAA Privacy Compliance
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Mozilla, Perl – What is unique about all of these widely utilized IT software solutions?

They are ALL major examples of software developed as part of the Open Source Movement.

Open Source Software (OSS) has proven itself time and time again to be a secure, scalable and cost-effective alternative to many commercial products. With our broad experience building custom software applications, our stellar track record with our customers, and our lengthy involvement in the Open Source community, we are able to offer Open Source Software Consulting Services as a natural extension of our solution set. The availability of source code allows us to swiftly and efficiently customize solutions to YOUR requirements, without the undue cost burden of building a product from scratch. This advantage provides you with greater satisfaction for your users AND a reduction in unnecessary fiscal expenses.

For nearly 10 years, Swingtech has provided Federal organizations with cutting-edge open source strategic consulting services via unparalleled (Federal CIO level) experience and thought leadership. Swingtech's OSS Services and Solutions are tailored specifically to your organization and planned around your specific needs, goals and objectives. Our experts will work alongside you to create custom, concise strategies to save costs, overcome challenges and achieve your technology and business goals. Our comprehensive set of consulting services span technology strategies, open source methods and governance, open source security principles, and community engagement. With well over a decade of open source experience and hundreds of success stories, Swingtech is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to ensure our customers' long-term success. Every one of our Open Source Software Consulting engagements includes the following key principles:

Strategic Capabilities - We will assist you with advancing your mission and technology goals with cutting-edge strategies built around open source technologies and methods.

Open Source Assessments - Swingtech will conduct a quick and easy evaluation of your organization's open source readiness to get you on the pathway to open source business results.

We will work additionally with you to facilitate the long-term adoption of community-based (open source styled) development methods within your internal software development structure. We look forward to engaging with you and helping to deliver OSS solutions to your challenges!
Our primary goal at Swingtech is to establish strong, long-term customer relationships based on earned trust and our demonstrated commitment to your success. Enterprise Database Solutions and Services comprises just one of our core areas of expertise where we have met and exceeded our own goal. It is absolutely clear that ALL Federal organizations' want to be as efficient and effective as possible. With the help of a proven Enterprise Database Solutions consultancy like Swingtech, you can properly architect, manage and utilize your data to ensure that your business and mission intelligence successfully guides your operations.

Why Choose Swingtech For Your Database Needs?
Experience: With 15+ years of experience working with enterprise databases of all sizes and degrees of complexity, our team can create a database solution tailored for any Federal mission need.

Expertise: Swingtech has comprehensive expertise and experience with innumerous complex databases and related systems, to include but not limited to Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL and Sybase ASE Database Management Systems. Our team utilizes their expertise, experience and foresight to provide our customers with customized solutions that meet their goals the first time.

Commitment: Our services span the realms of database architecture and design, system modeling, implementations, performance tuning, database administration and high availability support. We are one team alongside you and will ensure your success no matter the challenge!